We are Outmuscle Me a platform that allows you to create physical challenges.
Choose the exercises that you want, invite friends and enjoy the competition.

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Creating a challenge is taking you through a process of steps. The first step is defining a name, choose something that's easy to remember and describes the intent of the challenge.

Once you create a challenge you can choose when to start it - this means that if the date is in the future, you won't be able to enterany data until that date has come (this is useful, when you want to organize and it off at a specific time).Setting an end date is optional, this means that your challenge can run for a specific period of time - week, month, year. Once the challenge is over you will have the leaderboard and a summary of how each member has performed.


Once you fill the name and the dates, it is time to choose the exercises that you want your challenge to include.

Currently we support 9 exercises - Push ups, Sit ups, Pull ups, Squats, Planks, Runnings, Cyclings, Steps, Dips. They are divided into three categories - based on time, repetition or distance.For example the Plank is measured in time (seconds), the Pull ups are based on repetition (meaning you enter the number that you did in a single set) and Running is based on distance (kms).

Invitation and Prize

Finalize the creation process by choosing an invitation name - we will provide a link that you can send to your friends and they can use that in order to join your challenge, we provide the option for you to choose the ending of that link.

Another thing is that you can choose a prize, this is usually when the challenge is fixed (it has an end date), having a prize is something that you provide - my suggestion here is that you should not go overboard - a pizza, beer or something small that will keep the competition spirit high. This is the last step, once you do this the challenge has begun, invite your friends and start logging.

Outmuscle me was created by Todor Grudev with the idea of motivating people to get in shape by challeging themselves and by involving friends that will help with the process.

Personal Blog

You can find my blog at https://tagrudev.com there are a couple of articles related to how I built Outmuscle Me, I use that for sharing technical/personal knowledge as well.


This project is actually solving a personal problem of mine, it came to be because I was involved in a challenge with a friend and we just needed a better tool to keep track of who is winning.

Feature Requests

I am working on that project in my free time, but I am always open for improvement suggestions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]