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Create custom exercises and edit the points they give

Create custom exercises and edit the points they give

You are now able to add custom exercises to an ongoing challenge.

How to use?

If the exercise is missing from Outmuscle Me you can add it by going to the exercises section. There are a couple of things that you need to fill in before adding it to your active challenge:

  • Name - is the name that we are going to use in Outmuscle Me in order to recognize that exercise
  • Description (optional) - is going to be displayed when you log activity for this exercise
  • Type - there are three types of exercises that we currently support (exercises with: repetitions, time and distance).
  • Measurement - this one is dependable on the type
  • Coefficient - how many points a single unit will add to your leaderboard, ex: if set to 1, then 1 Push up of type repetition will give you 1 point

Once you create the exercise you can add it from the Settings section of your challenge, just do a quick search with the name (remember all exercises are public to the community).

Find your exercise and press the Update button. We decided that every person has a different measurement of how hard a single set/repetition of an exercise is - so your are able to customize that in your information tab, update the points that a single entity will give. So if you have two challenges - “A” and “B”, then a push in “A” may have a different coefficient than a push up in “B”

As always feedback is appreciated. Let us know how we can improve from our feedback section.

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